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Do You Need a Second Photographer at your Wedding?

This is one of the most common questions that I get asked during my consultation calls with my couples. It’s a super valid question — your wedding is a ONE-TIME EVENT and you want to make sure that the key moments are captured and that nothing is missed.

What is a second photographer?

A second photographer is an additional photographer hired by the main photographer to help capture your wedding day, and assist them when needed.

Here are some TOP things to consider when thinking about adding one to your package:

A second photographer allows you to get multiple angles of “one-time events.”

There are so many one-time events at weddings — the first look, the first kiss, the first dance, etc. A 2nd photographer allows you to get multiple angles of these at your wedding! For example, while I’m getting really close-up tight shots of you at the altar, the second photographer can get a wide shot of the whole ceremony!

If you have >75 guests, you should STRONGLY CONSIDER a second photographer.

One of my goals during your wedding is to ensure that every single guest appears in at least 1 photo in your final gallery. It doesn’t always happen depending on the timeline of the wedding day, but it’s something that I always strive for. How else will you remember that your Mom’s uncle’s cousin was at your wedding?

If you have over 75 guests, it becomes difficult to fulfill that goal, while also ensuring that all of your MUST-HAVE images get taken too. To ensure that you get these images, a second photographer is really beneficial. For example, when I take you two out before sunset for your couple portrait session, the second photographer can hang back during the cocktail hour and snap candids of your guests.

The nightmare that no couple wants to think about — losing photos. I shoot on 2 cameras with dual SD slots (2 copies of every single photo), so I have a backup camera with backup storage onsite, the second photographer is another level of security. While losing data is INCREDIBLY rare (see my post on my photo backup process here) —technology can also be unpredictable. By adding a second photographer, you introduce another backup of your photos onsite before I even leave the venue.

If your venue is very large, and both spouses are getting ready far away from each other, you should STRONGLY CONSIDER a second photographer.

During the getting ready section, I like to spend time with both spouses to photograph their details, as well as documenting the getting ready process. If your venue is very large, it’s hard for me to go back and forth to both locations! In this scenario, a second shooter can be in one place, and I can be in the other!

You end up with more photos!

More photos = more variety. You’ll get more photos delivered in your final gallery, and a more accurate depiction of your wedding day, because they’ll be two of us capturing photos!

When should I consider just booking you solo?

Great question! Not all weddings require a second photographer. If your wedding is any of the following, a second shooter may not be 100% necessary:

  • Is happening in one location
  • Has a very small guest count and wedding party
  • Is at a small venue

?Did you know: Many of my collections include a second photographer! Nice.

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